Yoga Pants Leg Warmer Dance Leggings

Yoga Pants Leg Warmer Dance Leggings

Yoga Pants Leg Warmer Dance Leggings exclusive to Melissa Belly Dance Fashion Boutique.


Called Fame Leggings, they come in many colour combinations such as Grey Grey, Grey pink, Grey Baby Blue, Grey Black, Black black, Black pink etc.


Great for everyday wear and for dance, fitness, pilates, ballet and the gym.


A very beautiful combination of yoga pants and long stretchy designed leg warmers works well with other bright colours or dark clothing.


As part of the Melissa Belly Dance Exclusive Fashion Boutique Collection this is a limited edition design.  Go to her website to see more Yoga Pants Leggings.


Very comfortable yoga pants in many custom sizes including plus sizes.


Perfect all year round available in many colour combinations

Fame Leggings Grey full

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Fame Leggings Grey side